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Construction commitment and operation training

Construction process

1 buyer to provide on-site installation conditions:

(1) the buyer shall be based on the size of the equipment foundation provided by us;

(2) to provide adequate installation space and installation conditions, power supply, connecting pipelines, general tools, on-site assistance personnel and scheduling personnel, etc..

2 equipment installation of my company sent to the field of technical guidance.

3 construction process:

(1), the equipment and materials in place after the field assembly, the upper and lower boxes on-site installation, water pipes, water pumps installed in place, etc..

(2), with the buyer of the site pipeline connection, flange connection

(3) the installation of control instruments, instruments and the entire control system.

(4) after the installation of the whole process to drive commissioning.

Operation training

Equipment commissioning completion of the site operator training, including the following:

1, cooling tower equipment, principle and operation way to explain

2, the core components and main operating components and maintenance

3, the various parts of the maintenance cycle

4, the various parts maintenance

5, problem solving solutions

6, operating personnel examination and evaluation

Two, service commitment

Customer satisfaction not only provide good products, the ark of the service also includes installation, quality tracking and warranty three major initiatives in the ark of the customer service center also stores customer profile information, demand information, every minute at all for the sake of users, for users to lift the worries.

1 free to provide customers with the operation of training and equipment debugging, and provide the boot before and off the machine before the technical guidance, during the use of equipment to provide the full range of technical services and support.

2 the quantity, quality or technical specifications of the goods are not in conformity with the contract, or if the goods are defective, the supplier shall repair or replace the defective goods or parts free of charge after receiving the notice.

3 equipment put into operation, the damage of the components and quality problems during the warranty period, the supplier free to adjust properly until the user is satisfied; in charge warranty, spare parts costs.

4 the operation of the operation or other relevant cooling tower system, the normal operation of the situation, we have received a report, within 1 hours immediately give the answer and put forward the solution.

5 to provide the cooling tower in environmental protection, energy saving and other aspects of the latest technology free of charge for customers to choose, in the equipment life cycle should be free to use the software to upgrade the equipment.

6 the seller is responsible for the users of the system of free technical training, including equipment, fault diagnosis and maintenance, etc..

7 regular routine inspection and maintenance services.

8 product lifetime service system, the warranty period after the cost of supply parts.

9 we are responsible for guiding the installation of equipment (mechanical connection, electrical connection, the overall adjustment of the equipment, the equipment of the functional test), responsible for the commissioning and commissioning of on-site support and on-site technical training, etc..

Three, enclosed: closed type cooling tower antifreeze measures

The cooler of the closed cooling tower is composed of a lot of purple copper tubes.

Ambient temperature is less than 0 of the user remember antifreeze. After the shutdown, the residual water in the copper pipe will freeze and expand, and effective anti freezing measures should be taken! Our proposed anti freezing measures are as follows:

A device installed in the indoor temperature of 0 degrees Celsius above the place.

Two. If the equipment is installed in the outdoor or in place below 0 DEG c:

1 to the stainless steel water tank and spray water tank to join antifreeze, adding amount of reference to the manufacturer's antifreeze. (be added by the weather conditions) the measures most insurance!!!

2 the equipment in the water or other cooling liquid all discharged, otherwise the equipment will be frozen.

Drainage method: first the water inlet valve is closed, and then, the drain valve is closed below the cooler, the exhaust valve opens above the cooler, air compressor through the exhaust valve to the pump air cooler (5 kg) after the stop, when the pressure gauge pointer stability, open the drain valve, the water and gas cooler discharge. The above operation is repeated several times, until the water is emptied.

The following content as an anti freeze reference:

Importance of A. antifreeze:

In winter, the water cooling equipment installed in the outdoor or indoor environment, when the temperature will fall to 0 degrees below freezing, must take effective measures, it is a simple and effective means of protection equipment, to remind the user to make this work before winter arrived.

Selection and use method of B. anti freezing liquid:

All kinds of Antifreeze on the market, quality is uneven in quality asks the user to purchase, it should pay attention to the choice of brand products. Anti freezing liquid mainly contains "water ethanol", antifreeze is mainly reflected in the water ethanol content, high content for the quality of products.

Anti freezing liquid can be purchased to the chemical industry production enterprise.

The use of antifreeze is very simple, mainly based on the need to freeze the low temperature value to determine the amount of added.

The following example is for reference only:

A local user when the estimated minimum environmental dry bulb temperature (temperature) of -10 DEG C, should add antifreeze 20-30%, 70-80% pure water, in the actual use of water is also found after freezing, should consider to add a certain proportion of antifreeze, until no longer freezes as well.

Example two: the user local year is expected to minimum ambient dry bulb temperature (temperature) of -20 degrees Celsius, should be added 40-50% antifreeze, 50-60% pure water, until it is no longer freezing as well.

According to this analogy, the lower the freezing point, the higher the proportion of antifreeze added, the actual freezing is not frozen, the user should be flexible.

Effect and substitution of C. antifreeze on equipment:

We have proved through theory and practice that the antifreeze solution will not cause corrosion and other effects, but will be slightly increased.

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