Water cooling system solution

Daily maintenance of cooling tower

Procedures for routine inspection and maintenance of cooling towers

Check the operation of the cooling tower, access to historical maintenance records

1 check the operation of the cooling tower

2 to record the current problems of the cooling tower

Two, check the unit external and fixed

1 check the water quality of the cooling tower

2 check the appearance of the cooling tower corrosion and pollution situation, when necessary

Three, check the water distributor and packing

1 check the cooling tower water cleaner case

2 check the packing scale, aging

3 check the cooling tower water scale.

Four, check the mechanical operation of the calibration part

1 inspection and lubrication of cooling tower fan bearings

2 check and replace the lubricating oil, and make the mechanical adjustment.

3 check and adjust the belt pulley, replace the damaged belt

Five, detect the motor insulation resistance value and running current value

1 detection of fan motor insulation

2 after the operation to check the compressor running voltage, three-phase current value

3 in order to prevent winter snow damage to the wind leaf, after the completion of the maintenance should be turned into a vertical wind

Six, cleaning and cooling tower (the following items can also be recommended for users to fully and effectively chemical cleaning)

1 removing and cleaning water distributor

2 cleaning of cooling tower water scale.

Seven, check the electrical wiring

1 check the cooling tower control is good, the action is correct

2 check the reliability of electrical components in the control box

3 check the temperature control device and do the cleaning and maintenance

Eight, check and adjust the total operating conditions of the cooling tower

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